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In August of 2000 my dream to own a Live Steam Engine was fulfilled with the purchase  of a 4-6-2 Pacific steam engine in Lewisburg Penn.  After some slight modifications, addition and tweaking, I soon realized the advantage of having my own track. April 1, 2001 I built a jig and a rail bender and began construction of the B & B Railroad. Between April and August we brought in 450 tons of stone and 7500 railroad ties.  We laid 2300 feet of rail around the front 2 acres of our property using 35,000 screws. Russ Eldred of Grand Rapids, Mich. showed us what (and what not) to do to construct switches and switch throws.  Thanks to him they operate flawlessly.  We installed a crossing complete with cross bucks at the driveway and on August 19, 2001 our own miniature railroad line, featuring an engine, three cars, and a caboose, made its inaugural run. By Thanksgiving 2001, the yard tracks into the shed out back were complete and the track laying was finished.  At this same time, my wife Linda purchased an F7 A-B Soo Line Diesel and Gondola, which enabled us to easily run year round.  Over the winter of 2001/2002 I constructed four riding cars, which I saw pictured on the Internet.  In the spring of 2002 I constructed a transfer table / turntable, which was installed that summer along with a steaming bay.  In the spring of 2003 I built a stockcar which I also found pictures of on the Internet. There are other projects in the works, so bring your equipment or catch a ride on ours and spend a few days at the   B & B RAILROAD DEPOT BED AND BREAKFAST and see what's new!

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